Saints Of The Church

St. Mark

+ John is the so-called Mark, whose name is frequently mentioned in the Book of Acts and Letters. The name of St. Mark was born in Kairouan, one of the five western cities of Libya, in a town called Abriatoles, of Jewish parents from the tribe of Levi, the name of his father Aristopoulos, and his mother Mary was a woman She is the first Christian among them to learn Greek, Latin and Hebrew and to teach her….more

Pope Peter

+ The biography of Pope Peter the Last Martyr when you stand before it find yourself sailing in the vicinity of the sermons and teachings feel yourself in the orchard of the virtues and breathe in the lives of our Coptic Church is the son of tears and prayer .. Waleed promise divine … Son of the Church of God the priest of God the Most High Theology The Rock of Faith The strong warrior of heresies, a beloved branch represented by a sincere martyr himself and a sacrifice of love to his master Fadia for his people and now he is among the clique of the dead Patriarchs who kept us faith in his blood and love and courage…more

History Of Our Church

+ Our Father Bishoy Kamel thought that there would be a church in the area of ​​Sidi Bishr – although it was not his service area – and he had an amount in the church and found a piece of land with an area of ​​about 900 m 2 for 9 thousand pounds and has completed the amount with our father Luke Cedaros of some loved ones.

+ This was in 1971 and was a piece of land rising in the eastern side of the height of about two floors and around the mountains and on the one hand buildings and the hospital was not east of the city was established yet…..more

Fathers Of The Church