Pope Peter The Last Martyr

+ The biography of Pope Peter the last Martyr when you stand before it find yourself sailing in the vicinity of the sermons and teachings feel yourself in the orchard of the virtues and inhale in the lives of our Coptic Church, he is the son of tears and prayer .. Walid the divine promise … Son of the Church of God the priest of God the Most High theologian The rock of strong faith is a warrior of innovation, a beloved of a sect, represented by a sincere martyr, a martyr and a sacrifice of love to his master, Fadia, to his people. And now he is among the group of the dead patriarchs who have kept us faith in his blood, love and courage. Pope Peter is still in the midst of his people. The first friend and only B – Hani Ali the people of his people does not resort to one and leaves him prayers and requests for us in front of the throne of divine grace list at night and day, hurry us to narrate from the spring of his love and browse together a golden page from the history of our Coptic Church.

+ To learn from the biography of the martyred Patriarch Fadi Shaabah, Pope Boutros Khatem Al-Shuhadaa. A woman who lived in Alexandria (Sufism) was the wife of the righteous priest (Theodosius) … and prayed warmly for God to give her a son who would support her and her husband where she was sterile. And on the fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of the saints Peter and Paul, the poor mother went to the papal headquarters to receive the blessing where the people were advancing with their children to the icon of the apostles to the blessings of the blessing, and so did Sufism and she interceded with the apostles so that God may bless them with their blessing and seed. She saw two people wearing white clothes as I saw in the icon and said to her, “Do not grieve me, Madam Secretary. We are in their cabin yesterday praying. We have carried your prayers to the Lord of Glory.

+ And he responded to your teaching, and you will become a son who will be the father of a great people, and you will see him like Samuel the prophet, for he is also the son of promise. When I woke up in the morning, go to the Pope and tell him about you, and he will pray for you … “The mother went to the Pope and told him to pray for her.

+ The days passed and the saint (mystical) was held until the day of the apostles’ day, Peter and Paul. On the same day (5 Pep) a son was born and named Peter. The parents met with the Pope to make the child say to him, “This is the son of your prayer and the fruit of your blessings. Our Father “blessed him and his mayor. And when the boy was five years old, his father paid him for education and he learned and satiated from the science of the church. At the age of seven he was presented by Pope Ignatius. He was full of divine grace. After he became 12 years old, the Pope appointed him as a deacon. He was awarded the title of “Great Teacher” in the Christian religion and was a lover of the life of his brotherhood. For his purity and holiness, the Lord revealed for himself many things that no one saw. Moreover, he was in the temple and the Pope was handling the people and saw the hand of Christ forbidding R. The Archbishop said, “The Archbishop does not eat him because he does not deserve to take my holy body.” This view was seen only by the Pope and St. Peter and begins to show the virtues of the pastor Peter in resisting The heresy of Sabelius the Bishop, which denies the existence of three laws of the divine essence, and considers it merely the attributes of the three roles played by God. The Rev. Peter succeeded in conquering and defeating this heresy. His power also appeared in his miracles and the exorcism of the unclean spirits. And was a large gathering of the church in Alexandria surprised the worshipers when they left the church after the prayer b He was asked by the pope to ask the Rev. Peter to come out of him unclean spirit, but Father Peter, in his full obedience, and in a humble spirit, brought a pot of water and gave it to the Pope. The Pope asked him to sign the Holy Cross and blow it, then take the water and sprinkle the man praying in the name of the Lord of Glory and the prayers of the Patriarch and the time came out of the evil spirit man. If you describe the wonders that appeared from our saintly father and write one and only one to explain and narrow the place, because the Lord Jesus showed many signs in his hands because of his humility, his forgetfulness, his prayers and his pleas to God with many tears.

+ Years passed and when the hour of the Pope’s departure was over, the priests met with the people around their shepherd. He said to them, “Peter, my disciple, takes care of you after me. The Pope showed us an angel during his prayer and asked God to be a good patron of the people.” “Do not be afraid of the orchard, and do not worry, hand it over to Peter the priest and tell him to come back to rest with your fathers.” This is how he closed his eyes on the second of the month of Taba on the 18th of December, corresponding to December 28, In 302 CE, the Alexandrian clergy and the rest of the people met, and Pope Boutros was appointed Pope of 17 on the Holy See.

+ Pope Peter began his arduous way of working to preserve the Christian laws and install the Christians in the faith in the face of severe persecution at this time in the Egyptian countries.

+ It is known that Pope Peter did not sit on the throne of St. Mark throughout his life, but was sitting down the degrees so that the people and the clergy shouted at him on one of the holidays for this matter when he said alone to tell them why you grieve my heart, but I know that your shouting stems from sincere love for it I reveal to you this secret, as I come closer to the chair to sit on it, I see the power of God on the throne and my bones and sit under the chair … And the only time he sat on the throne is after his martyrdom when the people incited the body on the throne Almrkasi who long Ashtavoa To see him sitting on him and he suffered a lot of Pope Peter Including Bishop Meltius, Bishop of Assiut, a bishop of the idols, saved life and created a schism and challenge of Pope Peter until the Pope issued a decree warning the people against the entry of Mellitus with them in the company.

+ Diocletian, who caused persecution against Christianity, ordered the arrest of Pope Peter in 303 CE. The believers asked him to flee to the Levant and Palestine. He sent his writings from there with his disciples (Archilaeus and Alexandros). When he heard of the martyrdom of the bishops and the Christians he could not survive Far away from Egypt, and the believers and bishops have returned to the priests and the people to encourage them to martyrdom.

+ One of the reasons for Diocletian’s request was the arrest of Pope Peter Baptism incident and the son of the prince of the soldiers Socrates who was a Christian who left the faith and the evangelization of the idols Fuchy Pope Peter because his wife wanted to baptize her and fled and went to the Pope in Alexandria in a ship but the waves raged during her journey and the mother feared to die And the mother then rushed to the church to baptize them. When Pope Peter sent one of them to the waters of baptism, the water froze and the situation was repeated. Pope Peter asked her about her and And when he knew that his two children had been baptized by Pope Peter, he told the emperor that he was a Christian who proves the faith and encouraged them to martyrdom especially after the refusal of his wife Prince Evaporation of the idols and martyrdom with her two sons. Then the emperor asked to arrest Pope Peter and his followers.

+ The pope was confronted with the heresy of the heresy of Arius, the Libyan, and he was followed by Melitus for his period. When he was separated from him and with the help of some bishops, he became a priest in Alexandria. The pope was forced to gather a compound in Alexandria and to strip Arius of his rank and after and Chaya Socrates and the emperor arrested the Pope and put him in prison. At that time, Arius feared that the Pope would be still deprived of the mouth of the Church and the Patriarch Vttsul to the priests and the people and asked them to stomp on his feet and They ask him to disband him The Pope’s disciples entered him in his prison and begged him for Arius, the individual of the Pope, that Arius be deprived and cut off from the sanctuary of God, sanctified and excommunicated, and forbidden from the Glory of God living in this world and forever and ever when they heard the increase of his sanctuary from the mouth of the pure father, Great when Pope Peter the compassionate patron saw their grief and clouded their good will.

+ And I teach his disciples Archhelaeus and Alexandros, the appearance of Jesus Christ in the dream of clothed clothes Pope asked him who broke your clothes, sir said to him that Arius is the aggressor Vayak to accept him or to have a company with you and was the last commandment of Peter when he asked them to warn them of the evils of Miltos Bishop of Assiut and of the Almqdfin. And they will sit on the throne of the Mercasi after him and they do not see his face after the body and pray with them and attributed them and bless them and the news of the Pope’s imprisonment spread in every place and collect thousands of people loving his herds in front of the prison door with feelings of love Fayadh call You have killed us all, we will not let you kill our father, our boss, and your patriarch Thus, the members of the Christian body met the most Christian head, offering themselves shields for their father without a sword without a weapon in a scene whose tears were shattered by the influx of love and inflamed feelings. The soldiers were surrounded by the place to carry out the Emperor’s rule. Pope Peter was no less loving to his people. He feared his flock from the clash with the soldiers. Secretly asking him to send him some of his south side at the bottom of the wall and he will knock them a wall to break it and go to them a Muslim himself in order to preserve his flock and so carried out the plan accurately to resemble Pope Peter in his love and his delegations to his people and on his way to the place of martyrdom, They allow him Visiting the grave of his beloved St. Mark. When he approached the place where the Anglican saint was buried, he began to speak to him as if he were alive with the body. He had his flock and then stretched out his hands to heaven. “O Son of God, Jesus Christ, the eternal word, hear me pray for your mercy. That shakes your church and let the shedding of blood I am your servant, the end of this persecution by your speaking flock .. Amen. ”

+ He was near the place, a virgin, a sign of prayer. I heard a voice saying: Peter was the last martyr of this persecution. After his prayer, he went out to the army, and his face appeared like the angel of the Lord, so that any soldier was afraid to approach him until the pimp gave a reward to those who came forward to cut off his neck for a saint. His neck and the fastest soldiers left the saint for fear of the people and there was a saint and a virgin saint at the time of martyrdom and to the morning was the news of the martyrdom of Pope Peter was known as the quickest people and the clergy took the sacred body with the head and sat him on the throne Marksi for the first time Vthll people to see their patron sitting on his chair and then took The Holy Body and buried him in the graveyard As it is near the sea shore and held in memory of his testimony (29 HATOR) the Lord gives us the blessing and the blessing of grace great martyr Pope Peter the Seal of Martyrs.