The Christmas Caravan 2019

Your participation has contributed to the joy of about 700 orphans and helped many children in school supplies … 😉😍

We await your participation in drawing the joy of the 2019 Christmas Convoy

You are in Egypt
You can communicate with (Abanoub Bishara 01211103294) 👈
(01289808039 or 01272033072)

If you are in Dubai or Gulf countries
You can communicate with (Madonna Emad 00971543212609) 👈

👉 If you are in Australia
Possible to communicate with (Joseph Emile 0097801640661) 👈

👉 From America
Estimated contact with (Ilaria Nadir 13104088211) 👈

As well we appreciate receiving your donations of clothes, medicines and food daily in the Office of the service and the Secretariat of young people from (9 am to 9 pm) 🍞🥕🥔🥫👕👖👔🧣

❤️❤️ He travels and makes good (Acts 10:38) ❤️❤️