History Of The Church

+ Our Father Bishoy Kamel thought there would be a church in the area of ​​Sidi Bishr – although it was not his service area – and he had an amount in the church and found a piece of land with an area of ​​about 900 m for 9 thousand pounds and has completed the amount with our father Luke Cedaros of some loved ones.

+ This was in 1971 and was a piece of land rising in the eastern side of the height of about two floors and around the mountains and on the one hand buildings and the hospital was not east of the city was established yet.

+ The area on which the church was erected at that time was only 10 mx 14 m. A workshop for tile was taken. On July 12, 1971, this workshop became the Church of the Saints of St. Mark and Pope Peter of the Martyrs’

At the dawn of the Apostles’ Day in 1971, our Father Bishoy arrived with His Grace Bishop Maximus, the Archbishop of Kalioubiya, and the first Holy Mass of the Church began.

+ Why was the church named by this name? Because our Father Jesus Christ said that he would open a church in Sidi Bishr. He said to him: Call it the name of “Pope Peter the Seal of the Martyrs” (Pope 17) and The great Saint Mark the Apostle came to us in our church to bless us, and since the priest of the church, the priest of the church, was the first priest of the church, he was painted on the cathedral because the church was not yet opened, because his painter was 5/5/1971 and the church opened 12/7/1971 Our father Bishoy saw that the priest was on his altar as he was, adding the name of St. Mark to become the name of the Church of St. Mark Pope Peter the Seal of Martyrs.

In 1973 the church fans were robbed but returned to pray in a miraculous way. On 1 Amshir there was no Mass prayer and when they noticed that the fans had been stolen and there was nothing they would do, they decided to pray and fast and raise the sanctities for three days. The miracle happened that the thief was captured and the fans were restored. Today is the commemoration of the dedication of the first church on the name of Pope Peter.

+ In 1973-1974 – 1975 there were some modifications and construction in the lower floor where there were no other buildings.

+ In 1976, the deacon Sami Sadek was chosen as priest of the church in the name of Rev. Maysael Sadik. In the same year we were honored by the visit of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III to our Church.

+ On May 8, 1986, corresponding to the martyrdom of St. Mark, the first house was built in Abu Talat and the concrete building was completed at the feast of St. Mark in November 1986. It was completed on 8 May 1987.

+ In 1987, the building of the St. Mark’s building was built in the church with the nursery and educational service.

+ On November 30, 1987, after the Mass of the Feast of St. Mark, two of the church’s servants came to Abuna Makar in his house with the surprise that they were with them the decision to officially restore the church from the neighborhood.

+ On November 20, 1988, workers, servants and church fathers started all with a single spirit. The wood on the old roof of the lower floor of the new roof was very enthusiastic. Almost 75% of the woodwork was done, but the decision to stop the work was a harsh decision against the inherent desire of every individual. The church, but after prayers and saints, resumed work on 25 November 1988.

+ In 1990, the deacon Yusuf, who is a member of our Church, was ordained a priest by the name of our father Seraphim, but now he serves in Canada

+ After the completion of the building of the ground floor and with the enjoyment of prayer in it and in the week of pain in 1993 was the work of Shader and began the construction of the upper church and the Great Friday prayers in the same week and was still roofed with iron

+ In January 1992, the blasphemous holy deacon and the faithful servant, Professor Yunan Mahfouz Malika, left one of the candles that lit up the path of the service of the Church.

+ In 1994, with the beginning of the Great Fast, the work of the balconies in the church was contemplated for the crowds

The measure of the Holy Spirit in the harmony of the two names

Mark was the first to be martyred in the Church of Egypt

+ St. Mark the first martyrs and Pope Peter the martyrs ring

+ Monday Patriarchs and martyrs and cited in Alexandria and have churches

Visit of Pope Shenouda III to the Church

The church was blessed with two visits to His Holiness Pope Shenouda. This is a great blessing and one of the very few churches that His Holiness visited. The first time was about 1972 and he prayed the Divine Liturgy (then the vicar of Anastasia Samoili). And gave a sermon and then a private meeting with the servants and maids (the then-agent was Colonel Anthony Thabet)

+ In 1985, the House of Khalwa was established in Abu Talat and Beit Marmars in Bishr